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"Our Middle Name is FAMILY"

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 RV Rentals/Sales/Service of Rocklin,Ca


A Family Affair is committed to providing you the best equipment for SALE or RENTAL. If interested in purchasing any of our units, you may have the ability to RENT before you BUY, to assure sound equipment and peace of mind for your family. 



All the benefits of ownership! Now you can enjoy quality time spent with family and friends, whether you RENT, BUY or OWN. Simply book your reservation when the time is right for your needs if RENTING is your desire!


Leave the details to us! We are an owner-operated company, our concept is simple: To provide a low cost alternative to enjoy high priced equipment. All the while bringing family and friends to the great outdoors!


Call and book your reservation today:
For immediate assistance call OR text
916-743-3508 or contact us by using
the contact/info request tab.